We carry out the digital professionalization of your project, face to face. All very expert.



At some point you will need a sign, logo, packaging, etc., right?

We do all kinds of graphic design work: logos, corporate identity manuals, editorial, event designs, packaging, labeling, brochures, flyers, cards and posters.


"My nephew takes my nets to me, that's all they're good for" .... We both know that this is not the case.

In Perita Studio we understand the potential and capacity that social networks have beyond the simple Community Manager. We carry out: brand studies and manage the presence of the brand in networks.


Why Perita Studio?

Looking for something different from the conventional?

Creative Design

At Perita Studio we are committed to creative and eye-catching design that is both visual and functional for our clients. Do you need a design for your project? Contact Perita Studio.

From Benalmádena or surroundings?

Closeness and mutual growth

Since our beginnings, in Perita Studio we are committed to a win-to-win work philosophy. We want to accompany you from the launch of the project until you reach your goals.

You are not a copy of anyone, you are you

Customized strategy

Each project, even different actions of the same project, require customization. At Perita we adapt to your needs, customizing our services.




Meet Perita Studio

In Perita Studio we work to facilitate the process of digital professionalization of your project, accompanying you, solving doubts and problems, and with all the clarity in the world.

Closeness, fair quotas and mutual growth.

Throughout these years of creating logos, posters, flyers, community management in social networks, we have learned that Perita needs its clients and they need us. Therefore, we are strong advocates of maintaining a close relationship with them, being available for any emergency or to provide a budget in an agile way for a new project.

Moreover, if anything has characterized us since our beginnings, it is the relentless pursuit of perfection for each project, even if that means working until late hours.

If you haven’t heard of us, our projects and our clients do it for us. It probably sounds familiar to you: La Vida Moderna, David Broncano’s show. At Perita Studio we were responsible for managing their Facebook and Telegram communities. In addition to them, we have worked with local projects in Benalmádena and other areas of Spain, such as: 8 Tierras, Maestro Blopa, La Caravana Del Arroyo, El Columpio Mercado, La Enciclopedia, El Rencuentro, Dale al Play, Artemotoris, La Niña de Benalmádena and Exclusivas BAT, among many others.

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